Here’s a peek at some of the artists that visited the studio this month.

We had an amazing show on the performance side of IF that featured Atlanta artists Duet for Theremin & Lap Steel, and Atlanta/Tallahassee experimental jazz duo Robocromp. Our friends Robocromp also recorded some tracks in the studio for future release.

Remember that time you heard that one awesome band at that tiny venue back in the day, before everyone else knew about them? Well that’s how we feel about Big Blue. This new indie/Americana/soul quartet is currently recording their debut release with us, and is totally killing it. Try to catch a Big Blue show, and stay tuned for their upcoming recorded music offerings.

Local hip hop homie and Motown artist Royce Lovett stopped by to check out the facilities (and our new wall mural). The custom mural was created by our friends at BAET Designs. Follow BAET and Royce on social media to stay current with all of their artistic endeavors.